The Kindness of Strangers

Our largest liberation ever through KBFF! We released seven children in need, canceling bills totaling ¢5,773,950 cedis. The stories of each child and what they've endured so far at such a tender age are amazing. What is more amazing is their tenacity and strength, despite their youth. Read the full story ›

One can only imagine the distress that children face when forced to stay in a hospital against their will...

...because they have been unable to make the required payments. Our response to this intolerable situation has been to set up the Korle-Bu Family Fund with the goal of providing financial aid to those parents who are not able to meet the high cost of health care. KBFF will thus be meeting the practical needs of Ghanaian parents and their offspring. However the vision for KBFF is that the fund will evolve to not only meet the practical but also the strategic needs of Ghanaian parents. Learn more ›

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Harvard Business School students support KBFF in a big way

This unique group of 90 students from Harvard Business School, class of 2009, raised funds from their charity auction, which was planned and organized by volunteers from the class. The donors were fellow classmates who agreed to the various global charity initiatives of the class.

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Negative Cultural Pratices Leading to Pregnant Womens’ Deaths

There is growing concern over the number of maternal deaths in some parts of Ghana, attributed to cultural practices that prohibit prenatal care.

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Babies bred for sale in Nigeria

In 2005, a Lagos-based orphanage suspected of ties to child trafficking rings, was shut down. There, charred baby-bones were discovered on the rubbish tip, leading to suspicion the orphanage was involved in the peddling of human body parts, possibly for use in rituals or for organ harvesting.

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